Roadrunner Driving School Dudley

About Us

Will my instructor be fully approved dsa driving instructor?
Yes. We only use fully approved dsa instructors. Who are trained by ourselves to our very high standards

How many lessons/hours will I need to pass my test?
This varies from pupil to pupil. We have had pupils pass their test in 20 hours and others complete their training in 70 hours. Our average pupils take between 35 and 45 hours to complete their training.

Our advice is to plan your lessons well and keep to your training schedule that you agreed with your driving instructor. Make sure that your theory test and/or driving test is booked in advance so that your lessons can be planned to be completed by this date. Don’t worry - your instructor will talk you through these details on your first lesson.

Will I have the same instructor throughout my training?
The simple answer is yes. We ensure that you have the same car and instructor throughout your training

Do you do intensive courses and are they worthwhile?
Yes we do intensive courses and these can be over one, two or three weeks depending on an individual’s plans. We are very flexible and can adapt to meet almost any requirements. Please note that intensive courses are by definition - INTENSE - and not everyone can take all the required training in such a short time. It is important to know your own capabilities here and only do an intensive course if you feel that you can take in a lot of information in a short time.

Intensive courses tend to be cheaper overall and our results show have a very high pass rate. We feel there is less time for pupils to forget what they have learned and there is less time spent going back over previous lessons which saves you time and money.

Do you do Pass Plus?
Yes we cover the pass plus syllabus which is an additional 6 hours of training after you have passed your driving test. It includes modules on Night driving, Motorway and Town driving.

Do you do Refresher courses?
Yes. We offer different types of courses and the type of course will depend on what each person needs and wants. We regularly get calls from people who have stopped driving and wish to restart and we are happy to help.

Do you do Motorway courses?
Yes, and we recommend them for all newly qualified drivers.

Will you pick me up before the lesson begins?
Yes. We will pick you up then drop you off from any reasonable local location.

Do you offer discounts?
Discounts are given for block bookings and to students and the unemployed.

What training car do you use?
We use a range of different vehicles including mini coopers, Peugeots, corsa, Clio, fiats